The Biology Student Handbook is a guide for Biology and Biochemistry majors at North Central College. It includes information on the curriculum, suggestions for studying biology, guidance on careers, standards for writing and citations, guidelines for presentations, instructions for commonly used equipment and procedures, and much more. A printed Handbook can be purchased through our online bookstore, Akademos. This site allows viewing and downloading of individual sections and also includes lists of resources (links, videos, sites with more information) related to the Handbook sections.
  1. Why a Biology Student Handbook?
  2. Life Sciences at NCC
  3. Career Pathways
  4. Preparing for Medical or Health Careers
  5. Doing Biology
  6. Getting Experience: Research and More
  7. Biology on the Web
  8. Lab Safety
  9. Keeping a Lab Notebook
  10. Working in the Lab
  11. Writing Lab Reports
  12. Making Figures
  13. Finding and Citing Sources
  14. Managing References
  15. Preparing Scientific Presentations
  16. Scientific Integrity
  17. Accuracy and Precision
  18. Statistical Analysis
  1. Graphing with Excel
  2. Computers and Software
  3. Human and Animal Research
  4. Measurements and Solutions
  5. Working with Microorganisms
  6. Using Micropipettors
  7. Measuring with Pipettes
  8. Microscopy
  9. Using Spectrophotometers
  10. Centrifugation
  11. Gel Electrophoresis
  12. Restriction Enzyme Digestion
  13. PCR
  14. Gel Documentation
  15. Image Analysis
  16. Drosophila Care and Maintenance
  17. Acknowledgements